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PRODUCTS - Aristel | Phones | DIGITAL

Aristel's AV Series

The Aristel digital 4 wire user-friendly, multi-function Key Telephone Sets are of unique  trim design, digital volume

control, dual-color LED, big size keypad, photo interrupt hook switch always attract the expert’s attention.

Aristel KP 50D

The new Aristel multi-featured design range of key telephones combine outstanding features with robust design to ensure continued reliability and ease of operation.

This model is equipped with an integrated auto detect headset port. The fully duplex hands-free function with volume control is standard.

The telephone is equipped with 20 fully programmable dynamic soft keys with tri-colour status that indicate conditions of operation. These fully programmable buttons make it very convenient to access enhanced features such as paging, voice mail, forwarding to mobile and conference calling.

Aristel KP 70D

The KP70 key telephone is a desktop cost effective unit with 20 programmable soft key buttons.

This model has an adjustable 2 line LCD display for data such as CLI, extension name display, time and date and button status information.

This model comes standard fully duplex with hands-free speakerphone and with a handy built in calculator.